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Motion Design. Animation. Illustration. Video Editing.

Natalie Einterz

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Motion Design & Animation Reel 2021
All original illustration and animation by Natalie.
Exceptions and credits noted below:
00:12 (dolla dolla bills illustrated by Cameron Walker)
00:23 (characters illustrated by Auston Wilson & Cameron Walker)
00:42 (building style adapted from client-provided illustrations)
00:44 (Owl illustrated by Zoey Kim)
00:46 (Branded icons provided by Love Wellness)

Motion Design & Animation Reel 2019.
A compilation of personal work, work created at Studio Hippo, freelance work and work I’ve created in the School of Motion classes I’ve taken.
Illustration attributions: Clips at 00:13-00:15, 00:25-00:29, 00:34-00:35,
00:42, 00:51-00:53, illustrated with Cameron Walker.
00:16-00:17: Design by Illo for School of Motion.

Music: “I’ve Got That Tune” by Chinese Man.

Video Editing Demo Reel 2016
This reel is meant to demonstrate pacing and editing to music. So much of editing depends on the content. If you need a hand with editing (long form-- especially documentaries, short form, promo work or for social media/Youtube), color correction or a hybrid project with motion/animation and editing, please feel free to reach out! I'd be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide an estimate.

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